I use a Chancery Italic calligraphy style to create decorative pedigree charts in fan format.  Four-, five- and six-generation charts are available.  Clients have their choice of a variety of chart styles, as well as matting and framing options, if desired.  Each chart, when completed is truly a unique creation. 

* Blank, unframed charts begin at $30.00.  Framing and matting of the completed chart can be done in a variety of styles and price ranges, depending on client preference.  When shipping charts through the postal service, most clients choose to have their charts delivered unframed and complete the framing process on their own.
* Labor is billed at $10.00/hr., with time depending mainly on the number of
    generations to be charted and on framing choices.

(See sample below and click to view a larger image.)


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