I conduct genealogical research in the Northern Kentucky/Greater Cincinnati, Ohio area in which I am familiar with local libraries, courthouses,  churches and other document repositories.  I work closely with each client to develop a research plan.  Upon completion of the authorized research hours, the client receives a written research report, copies of all pertinent documents and suggestions for further research, if needed.  Longer research trips to other KY locations can also be arranged.

* General research at libraries, historical societies, etc., and the creation of a final report, is billed at $10.00/hr.
* Research at county courthouses, clerks’ offices, etc., due to the more difficult working environments, is $20.00/hr.
* Expenses are billed as generated and include mileage (currently at $.45/mi.), photocopies, postage, etc.  (I live 25-30 miles from most repositories in Boone, Campbell, and Kenton Counties.)


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